Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots of catch-up in this one!

It's been way too long.. I've been feeling way to often 'out of control' and tired than I would've liked or wanted to admit.. but it's a reality and I guess the fact that it's been two months since I've been writing says it all. Adjusting took a few weeks/months longer than I thought or hoped it would. I'm tired more often than I'm not and getting home, spending some quality time with the boys after a hectic day at work has taught me one thing, I'm not super mom in fact I'm probably (or not probably - I know) I'm very far from it. But in the midst of what I call 'chaos' for these past few weeks there's also been a sense of aww when I take a step back and I can honestly say when I look at my boys, I'm one of the most blessed moms around and I wouldn't have things any other way...

So much has happened and trying to capture it all in one evening in one post will not do any justice, but I'm going to try and share the most important parts and as always I'll use the photos as a guide... (not sure what I would do without my phone! :-))

There are days (most days now) when the boys really start playing together and interacting more and more and then there are days when I feel like all I do is keep them apart, cause Jaydon hits or bumps Ethan over, and sometimes Ethan starts crying when Jaydon just walks past him.... But these are also becoming less and Ethan is getting bigger and can start 'fending' for himself.. Never thought I'd have to say that, but I guess it is a reality with siblings and this phase will also pass.. (or not?)

'Nope Ethan, I'm playing with both tubes of toothpaste!'
'I'm lying here because I can and not because it's your play gym! '
Jaydon 'Hmmmm I'm not planning anything mom!'
Sunday mornings - family time
I'll help you along Ethan..!
Love his walking ring
And LOVE boudoir biscuits
Discovered grass.. :-)
A lazy Sunday afternoon walk..
The boys and their toys...??
Jaydon really loves playing in the sprinklers.. It makes our walks quite a bit longer than normal when there's  sprinklers on along the way, but he just loves it and I let him be..

It's wet!
More moments from the last weeks include..

Hmmm I'll hold onto my foot, while waiting here..
The vacuum was an absolute winner and even had to go outside!
Eendjies, eendjies stap in n ry.... :-) Bath time fun
Ethan sitting 
Out shopping..
So much fun with my big brother! 

Kisses from granny..
Seeing them like this always makes my heart smile... another one of our walks..

Race car driver?
Relaxing in the park..
Decided he is done walking..
And after all that, got back on the bike and refused to make the turn home!
Enjoying some ribs at the Spur..
Ethan and Granny B
The glitter glue....
'n Boer maak n plan...?!'

 A while ago I bought a Groupon voucher for an art class and a few weeks back myself and Joanne enjoyed the classes, leaving the boys with Michael.. Will definitely try the art classes again, it was loads of fun and relaxing as well!

We met Gavin and family at Kittyhawk just outside Pretoria.. Jaydon couldnt believe his eyes seeing all the aeroplanes so close and really enjoyed it! 

Stop taking photos mom!

Shaleen and Ethan

On the way home, Ethan was  still chewing on his biltong when next thing he was fast asleep...

The most wonderful thing when our friends get together now is seeing all the kids play.. I still find it amazing how only a few years ago, there was no kids and now whenever we get together with someone there is almost every time more kids than adults and I absolutely love it.. I just love seeing the kids interact and playing and it reminds me how very blessed we all are.. It is just wonderful that we can share this amazing time in our lives..

Ethan and Mikayla 
Ethan, Mikayla, Michael, Nicholas and Isabella
The youngest ones all in the bath..
And the elder ones also got their turn..

Going to the park is a regular outing, especially now when I get home in the afternoons and the boys really enjoy it lost..

Ethan's eyes... It's beautiful 
Pulling silly faces - lying on the grass..
I see you!
'Whats up?'
Watching the bigger kids play..
Here he wasn't crawling yet, but really wanted to!
And when aunt Jo joins it's even more fun!
Some days the helmet stays on no matter what!
Matching colors - Monday :-)
Another 'helmet not going anywhere day'
Riding his bike on and over everything along the route...
Helmet in one hand, shoes in the other.. 'bye bye mama'...
And who can resist playing in the water...?!

Being a mother has changed me.. I think I'm so much more appreciative of the small things.. Not being with the boys the whole day also makes me enjoy the moments we have together even more.. It's really something loving someone so much it hurts, knowing there is absolutely nothing you would not do for your child and knowing that life has changed in so many ways and you never ever want it to be the same again.. 

Me and my gorgeous Ethan...
I love them.. these boys of mine...

 Some days every-day life with my boys while working full day is really tough, there are days when you wish for just one night of decent sleep and you get up 3,4,5 times, yet wake up the next morning to their smiles and hugs and kisses and you know you'll do it again, ALL of it.......

(Many more moments of the last weeks will follow in the next (very soon) post and includes Ethan's baptism, Jaydon's birthday and another family photo shoot...)