Thursday, July 19, 2012

'Cause you're in the world...

“So every day
So every day
I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth
of the ideas of God,
one of which was you.”
~ Mary Oliver

I think there is something magical in watching children grow.. In the way they learn about everything around them as if it is the most wonderful thing they've just discovered, and how they get excited about the smallest things.. The way they get frustrated when they try something and cannot yet get it right, and oh how wonderful when they finally manage.. Discovering the joys of family and people that love them.. And for me it is the most precious thing to see how the boys are discovering each other, as if they suddenly look at each other and think 'Hey, you're quite cool.. I really like being with you..'
We were driving in the car on the weekend and it's so nice when Michael drives and I get to watch what the boys do.. So Ethan has this way of staring at Jaydon and Jaydon has now decided that it is really funny.. So he starts to pull faces at Ethan who then smiles at him and oh then Jaydon is chuffed.. He laughs and then repeats the whole thing.. I look at them and I can just pray 'Thank you God for giving me these two wonderful beings.. For showing me a little peace of heaven for making my life so rich now that they are in it...'

Some photos of when I put Ethan in the cot with Jaydon..

I'm still loving every moment I can spend with the boys... Today these lyrics kept playing in my head... ' wonderful life is..that you're in the world...' not even sure if that's the exact correct ones, but it's the ones I kept singing to myself.. I don't think anyone could explain to me just how much you can love your children...

Gorgeous eyes..
Before getting dressed.. Just love his edible toddler-ishness..

Ethan is now really starting to sit nicely... And he just loves his solids.. Eating 3 meals a day already and sometimes also a snack... Still no luck with the bottle... But we' ll get there.. Eventually...


Jaydon has found another new favorite toy.. His leopard and blankly... I love how he just wakes up and decides which toy is the one he is taking everywhere that day..(Padda still stays the ultimate and he goes to bed with him every night...) I love seeing how he is budding into an independent little toddler with his own ideas.. I just love watching my boy showing me what he wants and being so thrilled about it when he knows that I know... 

Feeding his leopard..
Sharing special times with Auntie Jo.. we so blessed to have you!

We are going away for the weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it.. We'll be in the Pilansberg. Hoping to take lots of pictures and will make a post when we back... I'm so looking forward to some family time with Michael and the boys... 

'In my previous life I was a civil attorney. At one point I truly believed that was what I wanted to be - but that was before I'd been handed a fistful of crushed violets from a toddler. Before I understood that the smile of a child is a tattoo: indelible art.' ~ Jodi Picoult, My sister's keeper

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

He ain't heavy.... He's my brother...

I look at my boys, and there are days I cannot wait to see them really playing together, running in the backyard, chasing each other on their bikes.. And yet I'm loving where we are now.. This stage of exploring, the hint of playfulness I can already see, especially from Jaydon.. How excited Ethan can get when he sees his brother.. I love the way their bond is forming.. And I'm praying for them every day.. I started praying for their bond and friendship that they'll share, while I was still pregnant with Ethan.. I remember rocking Jaydon to sleep and he would sit facing me falling asleep with his head on top of my growing belly and I'd be dreaming about our two boys and the life they'll be sharing....

Yesterday morning while getting ready, Jaydon insisted to be on the bed where Ethan was.. I took a few photos of them 'playing'.... This is just the start of many wonderful moments for the boys and I cannot wait to experience all of it with them!

My prayer is that my boys will not only be just brothers but best friends, looking out for each other, loving and supporting each other and growing old one day with wonderful memories of the life they shared ..

'Each friend represent a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.' ~Anais Nin

After all that playing he took a well deserved nap..

So it's been a few days since the last post and I'm adding some photos of everything we got up to in this time..
And to update on my and Ethan's bottle story... I bought and borrowed more bottles and he finally drank from the MAM bottles on Monday... after all my excitement of him finally drinking from a bottle, he has not been interested since then.. but there is hope..! And at least a little bit more time on my side as well..!

'Seriously, why do you think I'd want to drink from a bottle mom??'

Jaydon has found some new pleasures in rearranging my cupboards while I shower... If only he'd arrange them inside..!

On another of our walking afternoons.. Here Jaydon was sitting in the front of the pram with Ethan on the way back from the park...

Jaydon is still fascinated by what the garden boy does outside.. Here he was just standing and looking at him for the longest time...

On Friday we visited grandpa and grandma.. Jaydon got very spoiled with a new bike.! He is so impressed and the bike gets pushed all over the house (It's slightly to big still so he can't ride it yet and must still get the hang of the pedals, but I don't think I'll be long!) ..! 

Jaydon and grandpa chatting a bit...
His new bike.. Don't be fooled by the serious face! He was very chuffed!
I hid it on the weekend in our study/packing room, but this afternoon he discovered it and was sooo happy! I had to go take it out and he started pushing it again and even wore his bike helmet almost the whole of the rest of the afternoon! This afternoon we watched some Tour de France and he kept pointing to the television and showing me the big bikes, I'm sure he thinks one day he'll also cycle like that!

After rediscovering it earlier.. Intently watching the Tour de France with me..
With his helmet.. ready for any action now!
Refused to even take it off, even for our walk!
'See, a helmet like mine mom..!'
Checking out another bike in the park....
Pushing the pram to wherever we are...
Ethan oblivious to it all...

And when Ethan did wake I gave him a bit of a 'front seat' ride..

'The view is so much better from here mom!'
Hello little brother..!

We went to a birthday party on Saturday.. Jaydon thought the bubbles that was part of the party packs was a lot more fun than any of the sweets or cake! 

Jaydon and Alexander
'Blow dad! This is so much fun!'
The dad's chatting with their littlest, Simeon and Ethan..
Ethan is 5 months old today! My how time has flown! And he is just getting more gorgeous every day! 

Practicing some sitting...
'See mom, I can almost do it!'
'Reading' one of Jaydon's new books... All about pirates.. 
And some more random photos.. 

I can just see how the two boys will be driving us crazy on their bikes not too long from now..! Jaydon thought it was great fun that Ethan joined him on the bike!

Together on the bike, Jaydon was actually very impressed by this!
Jaydon and dad enjoying some 'iPad-time'.....
Jaydon showing just how to take an afternoon nap!
Jaydon received a new present from Aunt Jo.. He really thinks this is the best toy ever! He was vacuuming everywhere for me!

And I guess it was bout to happen at some point... He discovered the workings of the water dispenser on the fridge and my was he impressed.. Laughing and talking to himself... I'll have to make a plan about this one or I can see some very wet floors coming my way!..

It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on!  ~Author Unknown 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Myne myne...'

So it's finally started! The all to well toddler version of owning everything with the words 'mine' or 'myne'.. And it's actually so cute.. He says it without realizing I'm listening.. This morning he was walking in the TV/ toy room and picked up his blocks saying 'myne myne'.. And tonight when I took him upstairs for his bath I picked up his 'padda' to go with and the moment he saw him in my hands he stuck out his hands in this little open and close fist motion and grabbed frog saying 'myne myne'... Now I'm sure those who've been through this whole experience before, says the novelty wears off, especially when 'myne myne' becomes a screaming match.. but I'm loving my little boy's sense of self and ownership and independence that's emerging more and more every day..

Ethan has now discovered his voice and he's really chatting away.. With a little scream every now and then as well.. It's really cute and Jaydon finds it fascinating as well.. 'Ti-aah-aa-a-uh' every time Ethan 'chats' with us...

Here's some photos of the last few days..

On Monday we spent some time outside and played with bubbles and water.. Seeing that we have the most beautiful winter days right now I've thought we might as well make use of this lovely weather.. I took a few photos while he was playing..

And then he discovered the broom again...
And is now a boy on a mission...!

And some others... just random ones of things we did the last few days..

Sunday afternoon walk with dad..
'Do I know you??' Ethan seeing himself in the oven.
Choosing more books...
'I'm an elephant!'
Taking his morning nap.
Still a favorite.. the earbuds everywhere..!
Applying some lip-ice... everywhere.....
The curlers again... 
'Padda' in his borrowed wheelbarrow...

Watching the bigger kids on their big bikes at the park....
Figuring out the 'click pen'.. 
We bought a new broom... He wouldn't let go... ;-)

Jaydon has discovered he can hide in our clothes cupboard and this is now a big game when I get dressed in the morning..

I'm now also on a real mission to get Ethan to drink from a bottle.. Breastfeeding has been so convenient seeing that I was a lot more relaxed about where and how and when.. and well I really didn't anticipate it to be such a big struggle once he had to drink from a bottle.. but we'll get there.. at least we've got another 5,5 weeks at home. Going to get another one or two different make bottles as well and test them all... this story to be continued.......

I'm still loving this time with my boys and really just making the most of the last few weeks we have before reality sets in again.. for now we loving it
 - to sleep in on cold winter mornings
 - stay in our pajamas till almost mid day when we feel like it..
 - visiting friends impulsively and baking cup cakes when we get there just because we feel like it..
 - going for long walks
 - singing loudly to Carike Keuzenkamp dvd's as no one is here to listen besides us..
 - taking long afternoon naps and eating some chocolate when we wake up, just because we can..
 - enjoying the long days we have together..
 - getting hugs and kisses whenever we feel like it, just because we can...

Motherhood is near divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. Howard W Hunter