Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some recent pictures....

I look at you sweet child of mine.. you make me laugh, you make me cry, but most of all you make me thank God for you every single day, because without you how I would miss the beauty you bring to each day, because without you what will life be? Empty... You fill my days with the most beautiful moments, you make everything worthwhile.. and nothing can compare to the love you bring..

I love you, my two boys.. and I hope someday you'll know just how much..

Jaydon all serious

I'm happy...

So let me tell you... 'They're not all that bad you know..' 


Ok, out you go! It's my turn!

Cause I can.. and it use to be mine anyway...

Serious painting.!

Ok, so what is this stuff..?

Look! My finger is in his mouth.....

Happy boy!

Monday, May 28, 2012


If anyone told me it is possible to have entire conversations with three one syllable words, I would've looked at them funny and say it is impossible... Well I can tell you now not only is it possible, it is happening.. In my house.. Every day.. And it works! Ok there are moments when you need some imagination and maybe a few added hand gestures.. but most times my 'budding talker', Mr Jaydon tells me what he wants exactly like this.. "Ti-aah-a-a-aahh-ah, or Ti-u-u-u-uuhh-u.. Meaning anything from.. 'Look mom there is Tigger!' , or 'Mom, I want some juice please..' or his other favorite lately.. 'Mom please put my music DVD on, walking me to the TV and pointing with the remote to the screen.. Ti-aa-a-aahh-aa-a.. It's gorgeous, it's wonderful, it's working.. This little boy of mine is becoming his own little person and there is no doubt he knows exactly what he wants..

Jaydon celebrated 19 months yesterday.. And just to let us know he is now really growing up he decided to skip nap time completely.. There was a lot of screaming each time I'd take him upstairs and to save us and him and probably the neighbors some sanity I just let him be. (without his nap that is).. Now normally this would lead to a really eventful -aka- tantrum filled afternoon, but he was actually really good. In the end we spent the afternoon outside, we had a lovely winters day and out in the sun you could almost imagine that winter wasn't here yet.. And later went for a very nice long walk which is another one if his favorite activities right now.. (I take the boys walking every afternoon if possible, either by pushing Jaydon in the pram or with him on his little black bike and Ethan in the ubbabubba (his favorite place.... still).

(Jaydon did pass out immediately after bath time last night.. And although this is tempting (to skip naps and keep bed time easy, there is no guarantee it'll be bliss everyday and I'd rather not allow this and just deal with the bed time battles as they come our way.. Which are thankfully becoming less and less.!)

Coming back from a two week holiday recently Jaydon was fascinated by the planes he saw at the airport..
Before he use to notice them flying and would point.. Now it is so cute whenever we are outside and he hears a plane he'll look for it, point to it... Ti-aaah-aa-a-a and then wave and say 'Tata'... Really cute to see and just another one of the small things to enjoy on our walks..

And then our little baby Ethan.. He really is such a sweet little boy, really content and so chilled about the world around him... He has hit the 3,5 month mark and his charming personality is really starting to show.. He smiles whenever he sees someone and just love watching his big brother.. When I see the interaction between the two boys I'm so happy we had them so close.. It's really amazing to see Jaydon wanting to give him toys to play with (although on his terms, when I give Ethan something his not always so willing to share and grabs it out of his hand.. Toddler territory they say...), give him hugs when he passes him (a hug at this stage is putting his head on his little brother, and if I may add only Ethan and Tigger get the privilege of a hug!) or giving him a kiss on the hand or forehead with a 'mmmwwaaaa' to accompany the gesture..

It's really wonderful to be able to spend so much time with the boys now... I love being able to just be there for them when they need me, play and cuddle and just taking in every second we have together.. Yes there are times when this being available 24/7 becomes overwhelming but nothing comes close to being so fulfilling either..

I love you so much my boys... Yu really are the best thing that could've happened to us..!

Ethan is lying next to me while I'm finishing this post and every now and then 'talks' to me.. And whenever I look at him give me the biggest smile... Man how exciting life will be when both boys are talking and asking questions and telling me things... Can't wait!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Capturing the memories...

So I've decided to start a blog.. Something I've been debating over for a while now and well I'm finally going to give it a try.. I really just want to have something which our family and friends can read to stay up to date with our everyday lives, but maybe more so something for the boys to be able to read when they're ready.. about them.. Us... And life as it is now..

I read a quote today which said the following..
'Making a decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking outside your body.' Elizabeth Stone

This is so true.. for every day when I see my boys I realize I'm not looking at two little boys, but at two pieces of my heart that will never be just mine ever again.. Jaydon and Ethan, you've come into our lives, and took complete hold of it and well life as we knew it will never be the same again.. But then again I never want it to be. For you have filled our lives with so much love, excitement, joy and adventure.. Many sleepless nights as well if I may add, but even those I would not trade for a single day without you.. For as someone once told me, only once you have kids do you become busy with what life is really all about.. 

Im hoping that by keeping this blog you will one day be able to read about
- how blessed we are to be called your parents, 
- about every day life.. and most importantly 
- the small things we so easily forget but which make life worth celebrating.. 

Something to ponder over..
Just before I started writing this first post, I've put Jaydon in bed for his afternoon nap... And well for the best part of 10 minutes he was trying really hard to get me to come fetch him as he obviously feels he doesn't need a nap.. I guess or shall I say, this must be what they call the battle of the wills..? (something we are getting to practice a lot lately!) It's been quiet for few minutes now... Does that mean that for now I've won this one? Let's hope...!
Ethan is also asleep, so maybe now that I've finally done the first post of this blog, I can try nap with the boys.. Aahhh one of the small things to celebrate while on maternity leave... :-)