Friday, July 12, 2013


To my boys...

All we have is today.. No one is promised tomorrow and no one knows what the future holds. We are only guaranteed of the present and that is why I promise you this..

I promise to always be present in your every day lives, because the gift of today is by grace only...

- I will love you more today than yesterday as each day I'm discovering something new about you, something more special, and also something that might need me to apply more discipline and there's always something I did not know about you yesterday, which only makes the present so much more special as every day I get to know you better and for that I love you more with each passing day..
- I will hold you close more than you might want me to, because today you fit into my arms perfectly and that is reason enough to want to hold you close forever
- I will teach you something about yourself, about me, about your family.. As your family are the one closest to you, the ones beside God, who you will find comfort in, the ones who will cheer you on every step you take, the ones who make life worth living..
- I will teach you to love others, cause only by giving do you realise how valuable it is when you're receiving
- I will show you the small things which makes life so much more worth it, cause its in the small things that you'll discover the joys of life, and
- I will do my utmost to teach you about grace, as its only by grace that we are saved, that we have each other and that every new day we're given the opportunity to love more, to learn more to, to give more...

Use your opportunity to open the present of each new day, learn something, discover your gifts, teach someone, give of yourself, but most of all love, because love is the greatest gift of all.. you are so beautiful my boys, there is so much in this life I still want to show you and I thank God for giving you to me, this beautiful present which makes life worth living for...

Today is #fiveminutefriday over at, go have a look and join in if you like...

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  1. I love it ! I am visiting from five minute Friday! Your babies are so adorable!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda. Appreciate your kind words.!